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Shouldn’t the Democratic debates be… democratic?

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Warm Welcome from the American People

Our campaign is off to a great start. In just a few short weeks, we have…

  • Raised $1,000,000 in 28 days from close to 10,000 people
  • Earned the support of voters from across the political spectrum
  • Won 1% in our first national poll
  • Spoke at the NH Democratic Party Convention with the other presidential candidates

As Cenk Uygur put it this week, he is “qualified in every possible way.” So this campaign should be well on its way, right? Yet,

Lessig may be blocked from participating in the Democratic debates.

Cold Shoulder from the Establishment

We’ve hit a snag. It looks like Lessig might not be allowed to participate in the Democratic debates.

No love from the Democratic Party. Lessig did not receive a public “welcome letter” from the Democratic National Committee, unlike every other declared candidate.

Not in the polls. To qualify, he needs to earn 1% support in three separate national media polls. But Lessig is not being included in the polls — even though the pollsters are including people who aren’t running!

Red Flags in National Media

People are noticing Lessig’s exclusion. It’s not fair and it’s not democratic to keep qualified candidates out. Voters deserve better!

We always knew this campaign would be hard. Anyone working to change business as usual is bound to meet some resistance. But we can overcome these roadblocks and get on with our campaign to fix democracy first — with your help.

We Need Your Help to Get Lessig in the Debates

Your voice matters. If you want to see Lessig in the debates, we need you to:


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Tell big media and the DNC:
We need open and fair debates.

Major media need to include Lessig in the polls so he may qualify for the debates.


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