Last Call *RSVP* for 9am Press Call with Presidential Candidate Larry Lessig

Oct. 11, 2015
Media Contact: Brandon Hersh: [email protected]


WHAT: Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig and other senior campaign staff take questions from press on his historic presidential campaign and being shut out of Tuesday’s CNN Democratic Presidential Debate
WHEN: Monday October 12th, 9AM EST
WHO: Open to all media who RSVP to [email protected] before 8AM Monday. Dial in information will be sent at that time.

75% percent of Americans polled believe that Democracy is broken. Yet CNN and the Democratic National Convention seem poised to block the one presidential candidate running to Fix Democracy First from the debate stage: Lawrence Lessig

The Lessig campaign has raised more than $1 Million dollars in three weeks. We have cornered the market for online donations. We’ve poured serious money into ad buys in Iowa and New Hampshire. We’ve staffed up and hired some notable political dynamos. We qualify for federal matching funds. And we’re shown to be competitive by credible pollsters. At least two of the Democrats invited to Tuesday night’s debate can’t say the same.

Watch Lessig make his case on MSNBC’s All In w/ Chris Hayes and read more about his absurd exclusion in The New York Times.

For more on Larry Lessig’s historic presidential campaign visit

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