One Mission

There is one issue we must address first in the 2016 election…

Our democracy is broken. On every issue that matters, our leaders are unwilling — or unable — to take meaningful action. Time and again, we can see that what voters want does not matter.

As a result, the biggest political party in America today is “none of the above.” Most of America has turned away from politics. And who could blame them?

The system is rigged to favor the powerful and well-connected, and it ignores the voices of ordinary citizens. Our representative democracy has become so corrupted by this fundamental inequality, that only those who fund campaigns are represented. The result is the governmental dysfunction that we see today.

Every issue — from climate change to gun safety, from Wall Street reform to defense spending — is tied to this core inequality. The solution is to fix our government so all citizens are represented equally.

Lessig is running for president for one simple but incredibly important reason: to fix democracy by establishing truly equal citizenship. And do so first, so we may then take on all the other challenges facing our country.

The good news is that since Congress created this problem, Congress can fix this problem. And the legislation has already been written. Now it’s simply a matter of creating enormous pressure for them to take action.

Lessig is the only presidential candidate with a plan to get our government working again — and do it first.

Read The Plan.

What issues do you feel are most important in the 2016 Election?

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