Misinformation from the far right

In an effort to clarify misinformation posted online on the Washington Free Beacon today about our campaign, we’d like to say a few things:

First, nothing was hidden here. Everything we said was entirely accurate and we are more than comfortable sharing our fundraising goals and sums with all legitimate news outlets who inquire.
Second, the veracity of the “reporter” Lachlan Markay in this case is questionable. His dubious work history with the notorious Heritage Foundation more than suggests his bias and motivation here.

Finally, Markay is splitting hairs — he says the campaign fell “far” short of the $1 Million it said it had raised — then notes that the campaign raised $900,000, not exactly “far” short. The truth is, Lessig had more than $1 Million in pledges with almost all of it in at the time Larry said as much and the best evidence that he had real pledges is that he surpassed his goal. If he did not surpass his goal, then Mr. Markay may have had something substantive to report.

—Steve Jarding, Senior Advisor, Lessig for President

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