Lessig Equal Citizens Campaign Raises More Than $125K in 24 Hours After Announcement

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August 12, 2015

New York – Less than 24 hours after announcing that he will seek the Democratic Party nomination for President of the United States, over 1,500 supporters have pledged $125,000 to Larry Lessig’s “referendum President” campaign. While it still has a long way to go, the campaign is well on its way to reaching its $1 million goal by Labor Day.
Staying true to his mission to run with a clear mandate from citizens, Larry Lessig is seeking donations from individuals who share his belief that Americans need something big to fight for this election — a principle, not a person. Supporters of Lessig’s run can choose to have their contributions returned if the $1 million goal is not met.

Lessig’s kickstarter-style fundraising campaign gives voters the chance to show they are tired of politics as usual. “Over 1,500 citizens have already reached into their pockets to support a different kind of ballot in 2016, ” said Lessig. “Making citizens the funders of campaigns is the only way to elect leadership with a true mandate from the voters. Instead of making another election about super citizens and special interests, this is how we put equal citizens first.”

Larry Lessig is exploring a run as a “referendum President” to get Congress to pass the Citizen Equality Act – legislation that would ensure equal access to the ballot box, end partisan gerrymandering, and establish a voucher system for elections that would remove the power of cronies and special interests and shift that influence to the American people. As a referendum President, Lessig would resign his office once the Citizen Equality Act is signed into law.

Larry Lessig laid out his vision for fixing our corrupt political system in a series of videos, along with a crowdfunding campaign, at www.lessig2016.us. Read the press release accompanying his announcement on August 11th at https://lessigforpresident.com/media/larry-lessig-enters-2016-presidential-race-on-a-platform-to-fix-corruption-in-politics-fight-for-citizen-equality/.

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Direct Line: (202) 789-7783

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