Lessig Campaign Hits $500k; Continues on Track to Labor Day Fundraising Goal

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August 24, 2015

Cambridge, Massachusetts – Larry Lessig’s presidential exploratory campaign today made it halfway to its Labor Day fundraising goal, raising $500,000.

91.4 percent of donors contributed less than $100, driving home the campaign’s unique emphasis on crowdfunding. In just two weeks, small donations have brought in more money to Lessig’s campaign than all of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s last quarter fundraising.

“People are responding to our message, and they’re giving what they can to get big money out of politics,” said campaign Press Secretary Szelena Grey.

The Lessig campaign’s goal is to reach $1 million by Labor Day so that Lessig can devote his full schedule to running for president.

“I’m humbled by the support,” said Lawrence Lessig. “People are fighting for their democracy every way they can, and that includes me.”

Lessig is running in the Democratic Presidential Primary as a one-man referendum on the Citizen Equality Act of 2017 – a law that ensures equal freedom to vote, ends partisan gerrymandering and establishes citizen-funded elections. After passage of the act, Lessig will resign and the Vice President will take over the Oval Office. The 2016 DNC in Philadelphia, PA will officially select the Vice Presidential nominee.

More information about the Lessig presidency can be found athttp://lessigforpresident.com.


Szelena Gray [email protected]lessigforpresident.com
Sofia Royce [email protected]
Direct Line: (202) 789-7783

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