Lessig Announces First Open Source Presidential Campaign Decentralized, Virtual Campaign Team Run out of San Francisco

San Francisco, CA – August 18 Potential Democratic Presidential candidate and Creative Commons co-founder Larry Lessig today announced the first fully open source Presidential campaign, releasing the software behind the Lessig2016.us site, allowing citizens to use and adapt the source code.

“My friend, Larry Lessig, is trying something a bit crazy, but maybe just crazy enough to get America back on track to becoming a representative democracy,” said Wikipedia founder and Lessig2016.us Campaign Chairman Jimmy Wales, “Right now is the perfect time to take a look at something different to get your creative energies going… When you light up the Internet, anything is possible.”

Lessig’s belief in the power of open source stems from his experience as a lawyer and activist dealing with software and intellectual property law in Silicon Valley. Larry Lessig serves on the board of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and received a lifetime achievement award at the 2014 Webby Awards from the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

“I want Americans to envision a government that runs at the speed of the Internet – a smart government – that solves problems once again and responds to voters as equal citizens,” said Lessig. “With a crowdfunded campaign built around the culture of the Internet, we’re looking to change the game and show the politicians how powerful transparency and openness can be.”

Larry Lessig will be in San Francisco this week meeting with supporters from Silicon Valley and talking to members of his decentralized, virtual campaign team.

“We’re running on an open source campaign platform that allows contributors to collaborate in a virtual space – this is the most transparent and democratic way of creating online tools,” said Chief Operating Officer of Lessig2016.us, Aaron Lifshin. “Throughout the campaign, we’ll continue to develop more decentralized tools that make it possible for political activists and campaign volunteers to help Lessig occupy the Oval Office.”

Projects are planned for data analysis, data visualization, voter outreach and educating citizens. Any tech-savvy volunteers can get started on projects currently in process or initiate new projects by joining the Lessig2016 Tech Team. Visitlessigforpresident.com/open-source-president/ for more information.

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