Larry Lessig Meets First Qualification for Democratic Debate in National Poll

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September 2, 2015

Announces He Will Run Campaign Using Public Financing and Challenges Other Candidates to do the Same

New York, NY– Larry Lessig, who is running an exploratory committee for a presidential run, has met one of the requirements for inclusion in the Democratic Presidential primary debates.  Public Policy Polling found Lessig has met the threshold of support required by the Democratic National Committee in the first of three national polls that he will need to qualify.

“Americans are ready and waiting for a real conversation about how we get our democracy back,” Lessig said. “We all want answers from all the Democratic Presidential candidates on how they plan to fix our democracy first.”

This most recent poll is confirmation of what statewide polls in New Hampshire and North Carolina have found, that the Lessig campaign is gaining momentum among voters.  Lessig needs to achieve the same threshold in the next two national polls in order to fully qualify for the first debate on CNN in October.

Lessig said, “Many people have approached me, saying that they are supporting Hillary or Bernie, but that they are also excited to see me join them on the debate stage.  There is a deep hunger in America for a new conversation about changing the way we fund elections because democracy just can’t wait any longer.”

The campaign also announced that they will accept public funding once Lessig qualifies for public matching funds after Labor Day.  The campaign only needs to meet public matching funds requirements in three more states to qualify for $1 in public funding for every $1 raised.

“It’s a modern day tragedy that Presidential candidates in the Democratic Party have turned their back on the only form of public campaign finance that we still have in this country,” said Lessig. “Unlike some of the other candidates in this race, I’m practicing what I’m preaching regarding the public funding of our elections.  Every candidate running for President should be doing the same.”

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