Jimmy Wales Helps Larry Lessig Hack the Presidential Election

For immediate release
August 14, 2015

New York – Wikipedia founder and Internet entrepreneur Jimmy Wales is the new Committee Chairman for Larry Lessig’s campaign to be the Democratic nominee for President.

“Larry’s run for President is different,” said Wales, who founded the free-access, free-content encyclopedia in the early 2000s. “He’s crowdfunding his campaign instead of seeking out rich donors. He’s showing people that we can change the rigged political system.”

Both long-time supporters of Internet freedom, Jimmy Wales and Larry Lessig have stood side by side on previous issues, most notably in opposing the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in 2012. Wales’ day-long Wikipedia blackout protesting SOPA influenced other major Internet players to follow suit and is credited with helping to sink the legislation.

“I’m deeply grateful for Jimmy’s support,” said Lessig. “We both believe in the power of the people to push back against special interests. He’s a valuable player in this fight to end the corrupting role of money in politics once and for all.”

“The Internet community came together to fight back against SOPA and we were successful.” Wales said. “Now we’re behind Lessig to fight for citizen equality. When you light up the Internet, anything is possible.”

Lessig laid out his vision for fixing our corrupt political system in a series of videos, along with a crowdfunding campaign, at www.lessig2016.us. Read the press release accompanying his announcement on August 11th athttps://lessigforpresident.com/media/larry-lessig-enters-2016-presidential-race-on-a-platform-to-fix-corruption-in-politics-fight-for-citizen-equality/.

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