Democratic Presidential Candidate Larry Lessig Asks America to Choose Vice Presidential Running Mate in Online Poll

New York, NY– Larry Lessig is asking Americans to help choose his Vice President as part of his open source, exploratory campaign for the Presidential nomination of the Democratic Party. The online poll at replaces backroom political deals with an open nomination system where every citizen’s vote is equal, as it was intended to be in our democracy.

“After we change the way elections are funded and restore citizen equality, I will resign. That means the Vice Presidential pick is especially important in this election,” said Democratic Presidential candidate Larry Lessig, “In 2016, Americans get two Presidents for the price of one: the first to fix government, so that the next President can run it effectively.”

Lessig is running in the Democratic Presidential Primary as a one-man referendum on theCitizen Equality Act of 2017 – a law that ensures equal freedom to vote, ends partisan gerrymandering, and establishes citizen-funded elections. After passage of the act, Lessig will resign and the Vice President will take over the Oval Office, making the VP nomination a critical campaign decision.

“While other candidates haven’t given the first thought to who their Vice President will be, Larry Lessig is holding an open casting call for the White House on his website,” said Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, “That’s either crazy or awesome, but it sure looks like Lessig is running a different campaign from the typical politicians and he’d be a completely new kind of President.”

In addition to established Democratic Presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, voters can choose on the site between nationally renowned scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart, and progressive US Senator Elizabeth Warren, representing a diversity of options lacking in the Presidential race.

All Americans can vote for the candidate of their choice or nominate a new name to be Lawrence Lessig’s Vice Presidential nominee at and images of all the #dreamticket memes can be viewed at Note that the 2016 DNC in Philadelphia, PA will officially select the Vice Presidential nominee.

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