Democrat Lessig Challenges Republican Trump to a Public Town Hall Discussion of GOP Front-runner’s Hypocritical Super PAC Reversal

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August 27, 2015

New York, NY — Presidential aspirant Larry Lessig today called out Donald Trump for reversing his well-publicized campaign pledge not to take outside money from large donors to fund his presidential campaign, challenging the Republican frontrunner to a public town hall-style discussion of the issue.

Lessig observes that billionaire Trump introduced himself as a uniquely trustworthy presidential candidate because he could self-fund his own Presidential campaign. Now welcoming outside donations, Trump defends this hypocritical turnabout by claiming that donors know there are no strings attached, a reversal of his recent statement about the corrupting influence his own donations had on candidates, including Hillary Clinton.

Previously, Lessig had complimented Trump for “pulling aside the curtain” on our country’s corruption, but now he believes Americans deserve an explanation. Lessig challenged Trump to “name the time and place” they could have a Town Hall discussion about this hypocritical reversal “face-to-face.”

“It’s an insult to voters to expect Donald Trump, who recently admitted to paying politicians and telling them what to do, to clean up the dump that he helped create,” said Lessig. “Trump claimed to be an independent voice due to the self-funding of his candidacy, but now he’s courting big money and accepting Super PAC support. You can’t have it both ways.”

“Our campaign has outraised Trump in the last few weeks with people contributing small dollar donations from around the country, more than 90 percent of which are less than $100,” said Press Secretary Szelena Gray, “This is what our politics should look like, and this is how we make elections once again about all citizens, not billionaires and super citizens. Fixing democracy first will make America great again.”

“I’m challenging Donald Trump to defend his record and explain his plan to fix this corruption.  I’ve got an actionable plan with the Citizens Equality Act of 2017.” Lessig explained. “The only plan I’ve seen from Trump is a return to aristocracy. We fought a revolution to create a representative democracy. It shouldn’t be auctioned off to billionaires like Trump on our watch.”

More information on Lessig’s candidacy for President can be found and view the correspondence between Lessig and Trump here:

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