New Dem Presidential Candidate Larry Lessig Places Major Ad Buys in Iowa, New Hampshire

Oct. 7, 2015

Outsider Candidate Gains Momentum by Raising $1 Million in Three Weeks, Increasing Staff, and Televising Ads in Early States

Boston, MA – The presidential campaign of Democratic candidate Larry Lessig announced today that it has made significant television ad buys in Iowa and New Hampshire – the first two contests on the Democratic nominating calendar.

The new ads make clear to the public how big-money donors are controlling Republican candidates for President, and are the first ads by any Democratic Presidential candidate to take direct aim at their Republican opponents.

“Larry is a threat to the political establishment because he is the only Presidential candidate in either party who is serious about taking on the big money interests that have taken over our elections,” said Lessig Senior Adviser Steve Jarding. “It’s the First Issue that has to be dealt with in order to end the legalized bribery that is destroying our elections and our government. Pick any other issue or problem, and our lawmakers won’t get around to fixing it until we remove the hold their donors have on them.

“What’s incomprehensible is why the Democratic National Committee and the TV news organizations would still refuse to put someone outside the political system onstage to debate political insiders. At a time when voters want more choices among candidates– and more answers from those candidates– an important voice is being censored,” said Jarding.

The first Lessig campaign ad, “Bought/Rubio,” will begin running in Iowa and New Hampshire today, with other ads rotating into the buy in future weeks. “We’d like to do an ad exposing every Republican candidate,” said Jarding, “but the sheer number of Republicans running makes that cost prohibitive.”

As a lawyer, Lessig’s work on technology issues and internet law have caused many to consider him potentially the nation’s first “Internet President.”

“Larry has spent the past 10 years leading the fight to protect citizens’ privacy online and to prevent the government from undermining Internet free speech,” said Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia. “It’s no surprise his campaign is getting plenty of support from ‘netizens’– the citizens of the Internet– and from younger voters who spend a lot of their time online.”

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