ABSURD: Left Out of Dem Debates Lessig Raised $1M, Qualifies for Fed Matching Funds

Oct. 7, 2015

ABSURD: Left Out of Dem Debates Lessig Raised $1M, Qualifies for Fed Matching Funds

Cambridge, MA – The Presidential campaign of Harvard Law Professor Larry Lessig has cleared yet another hurdle of viability as it announced today that it has raised at least $5,000 in at least 20 states in contributions of $250 or less making the Lessig campaign eligible for federal matching funds.

With this hurdle jumped, Lessig, has now done the following:

He has raised over $1 million in a matter of weeks since announcing

He has secured donations from over 8,000 donors

He has hired a seasoned and professional campaign team

He has a substantial advertising buy in Iowa and New Hampshire

He has raised significant funds across America in order to meet the Federal Matching Funds criteria.

Yet, while Lessig, the ultimate outsider on the Democratic side, had done these and other Democratic candidates for president have not – namely Senator Jim Webb, Governor Lincoln Chafee and Governor Martin O’Malley. All three of those candidates have been invited to the first Democratic debate next week in Las Vegas – and Lawrence Lessig has not.

So much for the party of inclusion. “It is ridiculous and frankly ‘un-Democratic’ for the Democratic National Committee to exclude Lessig from the debate next week when he has shown more viability in this race in four weeks than half of the other Democratic candidates arguably have done in four months or more. That is not a criticism, that is merely a fact,” Lessig for President Senior Advisor Steve Jarding said Wednesday.

“But I fear it is not just the DNC who is playing kingmaker in this primary season – and we all know where their support likely is – but sadly it is our national media as well. Where is the outcry? CNN is hosting the first debate, they could demand that Lessig be allowed to compete, but they seem strangely quiet on the matter. Yet, Larry Lessig has shown more viability than half the field of candidates who have been invited. What’s wrong with this picture?” Jarding asked.

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