New Candidate Larry Lessig Raises $1,000,000 in One Month for Presidential Campaign

Oct. 5, 2015

Over 10,000 Donations Prove Voters Want Outsider

Cambridge, MA – Democratic candidate for president Larry Lessig raised over $1 million dollars from over 10,000 small donations during the first month of his campaign.

The stunning fundraising success came after Lessig announced in early September as an outsider voice in the Democratic primaries, demonstrating his ability to attract voters and his viability as a presidential candidate. Lessig’s rise as a candidate with a national following is highlighted by the fact that 10,000 donations were received toward the $1 million total in less than a month, with most of the donations in small contributions given online.

Political analysts view the ability to fundraise as a key metric of a campaign’s viability. In just one month, Lessig’s campaign out-fundraised all but the two leading Democratic presidential candidates, an unprecedented success for an outsider candidate.

“Larry Lessig has tapped into a deep vein of discontent among voters who know the current crop of insider political candidates are handcuffed by the status quo. The current system leaves average Americans behind at the expense of the special interests and super wealthy who are funding the other Democratic candidates,” said Steve Jarding, a senior advisor to Lessig’s campaign.

“Larry Lessig has a unique strength matched by no one else on the Democratic side. As a complete outsider who has never been elected to public office, he is the only candidate who doesn’t owe anyone favors. Voters are tired of shallow promises and cheap talk, and Larry is offering the truth about our broken political system. His number one priority is to get big special interest money out of politics first, or nothing else Democrats care about — education, jobs, a clean environment, health care — will get fixed. That message matters to millions of voters, as Larry’s record-breaking fundraising success has illustrated,” Jarding said.

The fundraising news comes on the heels of last week’s announcement that senior political experts would be joining Lessig’s campaign team: Steve Jarding, media consultant Bill Hillsman, message consultant Drew Westen, and campaign manager Richard Dickerson.

The preliminary figures are for the campaign’s first financial report, which will be filed later this month with the Federal Election Commission.

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