Do They Want Hillary to Debate Herself?

October 23, 2015
Media Contact: Brandon Hersh [email protected]

With Webb and Chafee Out – Both of Whom Did Debate; Why Are the DNC and the Networks Not Allowing Larry Lessig To Debate – Even Though He Has Already Proven to be a Stronger Candidate Than Either One of Them?

Cambridge, MA – For the Democratic National Committee things are getting downright embarrassing.

Harvard Law Professor Larry Lessig has officially been a presidential candidate for only six weeks. Yet, he has raised over $1 Million, qualified for federal matching funds, run significant television advertising buys in Iowa and New Hampshire, and hired a professional campaign team. He also has scores of media outlets calling for the Democratic National Committee and the networks to let him into the debates, and he has articles in media outlets ranging from the Washington Post to the editorial page of the Bloomberg News, telling the DNC that Democratic voters deserve a nomination, not a coronation.

But for the next two debates in Rock Hill, SC and in Des Moines, IA, like the last one in Las Vegas, NV, the DNC refuses to budge and the media sponsors embarrassingly are not demanding fairness in allowing presidential candidate Larry Lessig to debate – instead they are taking their marching orders from the DNC as to who can and who cannot be allowed to debate.

Lessig is the only Democratic candidate for president running as an outsider to the political system. The two Republicans leading in their party’s presidential primary campaign are both outsiders. It appears the DNC does not want a political outsider on their debate stage simply because they have seen how outsiders can change the issues and even dominate the debates.

Furthermore, the DNC has permitted two candidates (Sen Webb & Gov. Chafee) for president in their debates who were once members of the Republican party, rather than an outsider candidate whose main concern is reforming the system that delivers political insiders and party leaders all the money they need.

National polling firms recognized by the DNC are not even including Lessig in their presidential polls – and when they do, he crosses the DNC’s threshold for inclusion in the debates, as he just did in a Monmouth University poll published just this week. They included Senator Jim Webb and Governor Lincoln Chafee even when they couldn’t hit 1% in most of the polls that did include them.

“With Webb and Chafee out, why are the Democrats so scared of letting Lessig in? The organizers of the South Carolina debate on November 6 have told Lessig staffers, they won’t include him because the DNC doesn’t want him. The DNC has told Lessig staffers, they will not include him because – well, because they apparently will not be happy until Hillary Clinton has the stage to debate herself,” noted Steve Jarding, Senior Advisor to Larry Lessig’s campaign.

Jarding added, “Let me let the DNC in on a little secret: more debate voices make Hillary stronger not weaker – and inclusion makes our party live up to our ideals – denying Lessig his rightful place in the debates has become nothing short of an embarrassment to our party.”

What we’re seeing here is exactly what Larry Lessig has vowed to end: a system that’s rigged so that 158 families get to choose who we can vote for. Maybe that would fly in Moscow, but it doesn’t fly on Main Street.

“Looks to me like Goliath is afraid of the slingshot of tens of millions of ordinary Americans who have been waiting for a David to step up to the plate and take on Big Money. You’d think a party whose name is “democratic” would give working Americans a fair fight,” Jarding added.


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