As Webb Drops Out, Lessig Ascends

Oct. 20, 2015
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Monmouth University Poll is Second to Show Lessig Above 1%

Cambridge, MA – Outsider and late-entry Democratic presidential candidate Larry Lessig broke the 1% mark in today’s Monmouth University national poll. This is the second national poll showing Lessig above 1% — important because the 1% threshold ensures candidates’ participation in party-sanctioned debates.

Also today, Lessig showed his rising poll numbers in a Bloomberg Politics poll in New Hampshire. In September, a PPP poll also showed Lessig above 1%. Lessig finished higher in the national poll of over 1,000 Democratic voters than fellow Democratic candidates Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chaffee, who have been campaigning most of the year and who, unlike Lessig, Democratic voters were able to get to know in the first Democratic debate.

The poll showed Lessig in a tie with Jim Webb, who has also campaigned for months and who dropped out of the race this morning.

“To be clear, we have never agreed with the DNC’s artificial and unfair criteria that a candidate had to be at one percent in three polls when national polling companies were not including Lessig’s name. That is bogus and the DNC knows it. Lessig has raised one million dollars in a matter of weeks, qualified for federal matching funds, has significant television buys in Iowa and New Hampshire, and was not invited to the first debate – he should be in the second one – even Jim Webb, who dropped out today, was in the first debate and Lessig raised more than Jim did and showed more of a national following than Jim did. It is time for the DNC to admit their folly and let Lessig in the second debate,” Steve Jarding, Senior Advisor to the Lessig campaign said.

“As we have been contending for weeks, voters want to hear from Lessig about fixing the way we fund campaigns so that our government works for ordinary Americans again. It is the reason for our candidacy, and over 75% of Americans want to see an overhaul of our campaign finance system happen,” said Jarding.

“The only reason we have not been allowed into the debates is because the Democratic National Committee refuses to acknowledge Lessig’s candidacy, which polling now shows is not only viable but appeals across the board to Democratic voters. As a result, Lessig’s name has not appeared in most national polls. For example, look at today’s Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll. Lessig was not included, while Chaffee drew less than 1% support and O’Malley barely broke 1%. It’s hard to break 1% in three polls when only three or four polls include you — although now Lessig has done it twice.”

“The Lessig campaign is the first to concentrate all its attention on the most important problem in our government, and fixing that problem is the only way to get Congress functioning again,” said Jarding. “Lessig is a threat to the big corporations and the handful of people like the Koch brothers who currently finance campaigns, which both parties find quite comfortable.”




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