Meet the First Real Online Candidate for President: Democrat Larry Lessig

Oct. 8, 2015
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Meet the First Real Online Candidate for President:
Democrat Larry Lessig

On TV In Iowa, New Hampshire & Online Nationwide w/ Ad Campaign Topping 20 Million+ Impressions

Iowa and New Hampshire Internet Users Have Already Seen Lessig Ad 5.5 Times on Average

Cambridge, MA – The campaign of Harvard Law Professor and Democratic presidential candidate Larry Lessig announced Thursday that it’s online advertising campaign has surpassed 20 million impressions nationwide in just five days in a virtual blitzkrieg that is unprecedented in American political history.

“For much of his career, Lessig fought to defend the Internet against the special interests who wanted to capture it. His work helped build some of the most important organizations protecting internet freedom and privacy. Years later Professor Lessig is tapping into that powerful medium to connect with millions of voters nationwide,” Steve Jarding, Senior Advisor to the Lessig campaign announced today.

The Lessig campaign is counting on tens of millions of Internet users to rise up and change the way political campaigns are run in America and around the world. Banking on the internet community is beginning to pay off based on the recently announced fundraising figures wherein the Lessig campaign announced it has raised over $1 million dollars almost exclusively from Internet users in just three weeks’ time.

Now, the Lessig campaign is tapping into that army of energized Americans with a message of getting big money out of politics.

“This unprecedented online advertising campaign shows staggering numbers. Already, in a matter of days, internet users in Iowa and New Hampshire have seen Lessig ads 5.5 times on average. No other Democratic or Republican campaign is even attempting to reach this motherlode of voters,” Jarding said.

“Perhaps it is because they can’t. They don’t have Professor Lessig’s goodwill with these users. Yet, the Democratic National Committee and by association, the major TV sponsors are keeping Professor Lessig out of the debates. Our hope is that these mainstream media entities will embrace what Professor Lessig is doing instead of ignoring its vast power. In truth, the online community is beginning to rise up and say, ‘we are mad as hell and will not take this anymore,” Jarding said.

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales added, “It is disturbing that a candidate who has a more viable campaign than half the Democratic field because of its support by the Internet can’t earn the right to be on the Democrats’ stage. Lessig has raised money faster, he has built support more broadly, he has qualified for federal public matching funds, and he has built a real and vibrant campaign. There’s no justification for a rule that would exclude such a candidate at this stage of the race.”

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